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Udny Community Council

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Council Background

Community Councils are voluntary bodies, which exist within a statutory framework, and which have been granted statutory rights of consultation.

The general purpose of a Community Council is to ascertain, co-ordinate and express the views of the entire community within its agreed boundaries. Community Councils can help ensure that the local authority Council is as fully informed as possible about the circumstances, needs and wishes of local communities.

Community Councils are non-party-political and non-sectarian in their discussions and in their decision-making.

Unlike other community organisations, CC's are statutorily included in the consultation process for all planning applications affecting their area. There are also specific powers in relation to licensing.

Community Councils represent the views - and take action to promote the interests of the community. Community Councils can carry out a variety of roles, including;

  • Help with environmental projects
  • Representing Community Councils on other organisations
  • Campaigning on local issues
  • Conducting local surveys
  • Organising public meetings on major development proposals or the Local Plan
  • Carrying out Community consultations

Udny CC Boundaries