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Q1. Do you reside in Hattoncrook?

Q2. Do you reside in Udny Green?

Q3. Do you reside in Pitmedden?

Q4. Do you have concerns regarding road traffic in your area?

Q5. Are your concerns Parking related?

Q6. Please tell us briefly your concern over parking. Please enter N/A if you have answered No to above question.

Q7. Are your concerns traffic speed related?

Q8. Are your concerns related to Village roads?

Q9. Are your concerns related to rural roads?

Q10. Please tell us briefly of your concern.

Q11. Do you believe that 30mph is an appropriate speed limit for 'B' roads through Villages?

Q12. If you disagree with the 30mph through villages on B roads what would you see as a suitable speed.

Q13. Current policy determines that a review of road speed shall only be considered when the current speed exceeds a speed calculated as ----signed speed + 10% + 2mph. example 30mph + 10% + 2mph = 35mph. Do you consider it acceptable that traffic speed should be over 35mph to qualify for a review by Aberdeenshire Council.?

Q14. Do you believe that Traffic Calming measures (road cushions; Rubble strips, Dragon teeth, interactive speed signs etc.) would be effective in reducing current road traffic speeds through villages?

Q15. Do you have concerns over Road Safety around the junction at Ingleside / Carpark access / B999?

Q16. Please leave your comment regarding your concerns.

Q17. Should Ingleside junction be re-opened, do you agree that the option of a One-Way system would provide a ‘best option’ regarding the lessening of road safety concern around the Ingleside / B999 junction?

Q18. Please leave your comments regarding the One-Way system proposal for Ingleside./ B999