Statistics / Bonnyton Farm Housing Development

Udny Community Council

Number of responses 7
First response on 16/08/2018
Last response on 27/09/2018
Survey was active
    From 02/08/2018
    To 30/09/2018
Q1. Is the proposed road access to the Bonnyton Development next to the Co-op suitable?
Yes 2 (29%)
No 4 (57%)
Unsure 0 (0%)
Q2. What are your concerns regarding this road access?
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Q3. Do you see any alternative access to the Bonnyton Site that doesn’t involve either Ingleside or Croftlands?
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Q4. If the Bonnyton development proceeds and the lay-by in front of the Co-op is restricted to delivery vehicles only, will the current car park across the road be adequate?
Yes 1 (14%)
No 4 (57%)
Unsure 1 (14%)
Q5. Should the Community Council ask Kirkwood Homes to rethink this access point and come up with alternative proposals?
Yes 4 (57%)
No 1 (14%)
Unsure 1 (14%)