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Udny Community Council Notice.

Let me open with a question.
Do the residents of Udny perceive the Community Council to be a beneficial asset?
Why ask this question!
For the past year UCC has been running 33% down on the maximum permissible membership. Reduced membership limits the scope of opinion / debate; reduces the scale of engagement with matters concerning Udny Parish.
Why is this a concern!
Should the membership drop to below 5 the ability to form a Community Council is no longer viable. Hence no formal interface representing Udny on an official level with Aberdeenshire council / councillors / Scottish government matters.
Monthly meetings require a minimum of 3 members (Quorum) in attendance in order to formally address any matter on Agenda. With a low member ship the probability of failing to meet Quorum is increased. No Quorum, No official business conducted (this has occurred recently).
Your opportunity!
Elections for Udny Community Council membership are expected to open shortly (May 2022). Formal notice shall be posted once dates have been confirmed. Please watch for notice on Pitmedden and Udny Facebook.
Your community needs you! Request a nomination form (contact ), complete and return for your opportunity to get involved in the shaping of your community, supporting matters important to the communities within Udny. Should nominations exceed the maximum membership (the maximum eligible membership for Udny being 9) a ballot shall be arranged. Membership shall be confirmed prior to the UCC AGM which shall be held on Wednesday June 15th 2022.
Your current Community Council look forward, with your engagement, in retaining a functional Council supplemented with new members bringing their own skills, opinions and diversity to the matters of business encountered.
Colin Duncan.
UCC Secretary.

Published on 03 May 2022