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The Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils: 

  • Includes a boundary map showing the area of each Community Council
  • Makes provision for the conduct of elections
  • Outlines the constitutional and financial framework within which Community Councils must operate; and
  • Sets out arrangements for the development of procedures and exchange of information between the Council and Community Councils.


You will be aware that a light touch review of the Scheme took place last year, following over a year of using the revised Scheme, and we sought feedback from Community Councils on the issues that had arisen.  Officers have carefully considered and reported to Full Council (21 November 2019) on the feedback received and have been working on revisions to the Scheme to take account of these comments. To be able to progress the Full Council instruction to formally review the Scheme, we require to undertake a formal consultation with Community Councils and the wider public on the proposed changes.  The indicative timescale and content of the consultation is detailed in the table below:-


Phase 1

21 August 2020 to 16 October 2020

seeks views on any issues regarding the Community Council boundaries and membership numbers of Community Councils

Phase 2

23 November 2020 to 25 January 2021

seeks views on the current Scheme of Establishment and associated documentation

Phase 3

26 April 2021 to 24 May 2021

seeks views on any amendments made as Part of Phases 1 and 2


A public notice detailing the information regarding the consultation will be published in the Press and Journal, however, we have attached a poster for you to use locally or on the Community Council Social Media or websites as appropriate.


We encourage the Community Council to consider the content of the consultation, which for the current phase is on the boundaries and membership numbers.  If the Community Council or residents have any comments regarding these, they can respond to the consultation in the following ways:-


We will contact you again at the start of each phase to give you further details, relevant information and any available promotional material.

Published on 25 Aug 2020